Eti Weisbrot is the mother of twenty-three-year-old Yossi, an actor in “A Different Theater.”

“Yossi had a dream. He wanted to act in the theater – he wanted to act on a big stage. One day we received a call from AKIM and were told about the establishment of the theater troupe. Yossi started working with AKIM and when we saw him in a play we were thrilled to tears.”

The theater staff puts their heart into their job, and treats the actors like true professionals.

Social Programs - A dream comes trued (Yossi)

“Since that first play, Yossi has acted in other performances throughout the country. He loves it and feels very fulfilled. For him, and for us as well, this is a dream come true.”

A Different Theater

A Different Theater was created in 1985 as a joint project of AKIM and the Ministry of Welfare. The theater troupe consists solely of actors who have developmental disabilities. The troupe has staged a number of productions: “What Luck That There’s Night,” “I Have a Feeling,” “Princesses and Soldiers” and “The Apartment.” The performances take place all over the country, in front of high-school students and the general public. The troupe has also performed at various festivals in Israel and abroad.