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Donate today and make a difference in the life of an intellectually disabled person in need.

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Where Are Donor Dollars Needed at AKIM Israel?

Hydrotherapy and Aquatics Program for People with Developmental Disabilities


Group therapy and learning, with three participants per group and one session per week:

Total cost per session: $75 x 40 sessions over a period of 10 months = $3,000 per group.

No. of planned groups: 10

Total cost of project: $30,000


Special Employment: A Supportive Training and Employment Program For Intellectually Disabled Adults


Funds needed $50,000


Community Center in Ramla


Estimated cost of project: US$360,000

Other funds already committed to this project:

Israel Social Security Services: US$85.000

Shalem Foundation: US$85.000

Fund requested: US$190,000

Partner-Donor opportunities: We will be delighted to offer the naming right of the building for a donation of $190,000


Recreation Programs for Intellectually Disabled in Nursing Care


The cost for the pilot project including the provision of special accessible transportation and specialized trained staff is: $120,000.00

Social Security participates with 70%: $80,000.00

Leaving a balance of $40,000.00 that has to be funded by AKIM Israel


Medical Training


MSR program for 2013: $17,000
Matching Funds needed: $10,000

For details on all these programs, please see New Programs page

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