Miri Elyatim is the mother of nine-year-old Rom. Rom loves music, songs and dancing. He is a student in a special-education school.

“Sometimes I get tired from the bureaucracy and from the daily need to fight on behalf of my son Rom. Thank God we have AKIM. When I approached AKIM’s legal department, their professionals spoke to me with respect and expressed their willingness to listen and help me take advantage of every opportunity offered to my son under the law. 


Today, I know that there are solutions for children like Rom. No matter the outcome, it gives me strength to know that there’s someone who fights for us, and that I am not alone in my struggles to provide my child with all the advantages in life.”

Stories - ROM

Nadra, an Arab woman, has been living in AKIM facilities for many years now. She had a guardian whom she did not like since she was not happy with the way he handled her affairs. He took her money, did not take good care of her, and she felt abused. 

Nadra made a request to the legal department, with the help of the AKIM housing staff, to change the guardian. This was a complicated, long lasting process. Nadra did not give up. After a few years the process has come to an end successfully, to her great satisfaction. She was transferred to the AKIM Guardianship. Nadra, appeared in court, accompanied by her Director, where she spoke to the Judge, and explained to him her motives. She was taken seriously and was treated with great respect. Her request was granted and she is happy.


AKIM fights for the preservation and advancement of the rights of people who have an intellectual disability and their families through legislation, enforcement, promotion of rights and information services. AKIM operates parents’ committees and empowers families with the skills needed to represent their children’s interests and help them succeed.