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We assist AKIM Israel, helping it to remain the largest Israeli organization  supporting children and adults with intellectual disabilities and their families.

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Celebrating over 60 years of Impact in Israel

AKIM believes that people with intellectual disabilities deserve to have rich, fulfilling lives, and be included in the larger community. AKIM has played an essential role in changing the attitude of the wider society and the government towards people with intellectual disabilities – helping to see the them as unique individuals who have a full life with respect and rights to education,  housing, employment and leisure activities.

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How We Help

Since 1951 the government and people of Israel have looked to AKIM to provide care, advocacy, support and education to children and adults with intellectual disabilities and their families. AKIM works in all corners of Israel and is the largest provider of programs and services for people with an intellectual disability and their families.

Since 1962, Canadian Friends of AKIM – Promoting the Inclusion of Israeli Children and Adults with Intellectual Disabilities – has operated projects in Israel for the benefit of more than 35,000 people with intellectual disabilities and their families.

Read our Stories to learn more!

Here are a few stories about how AKIM has made a difference in people’s lives.

Ami Ayalon’s Reflections on a visit to Ashdod & Ashkelon

We met some wonderful people dealing with their harsh reality. In Akim’s apartment in Ashdod, we met Dina, who together with her friends divides her schedule into 45 seconds units, so that in every activity and situation, she will be able to make it to the shelter that is situated in the courtyard outside the building.

Stories - ROM

Advocacy Efforts – Partners in a struggle

Miri Elyatim is the mother of nine-year-old Rom. Rom loves music, songs and dancing. He is a student in a special-education school. “Sometimes I get tired from the bureaucracy and from the daily need to fight on behalf of my son Rom. Thank God we have AKIM. When I...

Social Programs - A dream comes trued (Yossi)

Social Programs – A dream comes true

Eti Weisbrot is the mother of twenty-three-year-old Yossi, an actor in “A Different Theater.” “Yossi had a dream. He wanted to act in the theater – he wanted to act on a big stage. One day we received a call from AKIM and were told about the establishment of the...

Job Readiness and Placement - I’m just like you (Gil Cataloni)

Job Readiness and Placement – I’m just like you

Gil Cataloni is a thirty-seven-year-old Special Olympic swimmer and worker at the Cellcom company.“I have been working at Cellcom in Netanya for seven years in the mail department. I stamp outgoing mail with an automatic stamp machine. The staff likes me and I take...

National Services - To Be or Not to Be, Haim

National Service – To Be or Not to Be

When Haim Lavie was born, the prognosis was not good – the doctor told his mother that he would never walk or speak. 20 years later, Haim is a soldier in the Israel Defense Forces. “As his mother, seeing him wearing his uniform is a dream come true since it stands...